Jan 19, 2022 • 37M

S2E10 How to Get The Best Flavor of Nordic Innovation & Silicon Valley Market Urgency

Guest Eva Nahari, DNX Ventures

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This was such an engaging and interesting discussion with Eva Nahari, DNX Ventures.

She has had a career in tech, product development and customer projects prior to switching over to the venture capital side. How has her career shaped her, what learnings are helpful in her present role?

How to match founders with the right investors - what should you consider?

And what about nordic innovation and innovators - what are we good at? What can we learn from the Silicon Valley mentality. And there could be really good combinations to consider! We can benefit from each others’ superpowers!

And the conversation leads us to flavors of ice cream…

But what does Eva think about 2022?

Listen to the podcast with a lot of deep insights, engaging talk and advice for both founders and investors.

In the moment - so many valuable insights, reflections and in general a highly interesting and engaging discussion with Eva.

Thank you for your time Eva, I enjoyed this a lot and looking forward to when we actually can meet in person.